Memorial Dad Poems From Daughter-Happy Fathers Day Poems

Dad Poems From Daughter

There is something unique inside the bond between a female and her dad. Whether you still live at domestic otherwise you’re long on your own, you may continually be his little female. Tell him how a great deal he method to you with one in every one of dad poems from daughter

dad poems from daughter

dad poems from daughter



A Father’s Love

You were the man who loved me first
The one who sat me on your knee.
You kissed my cuts and gave me hugs
And building that house up in the tree.
Even when you scolded me
You let me know your love
You told me all I need to know
About the stars above.
Thank you, dad, for all you did
And for loving me.
You showed me just how special
A fathers love can be.

dad poems from daughter

dad poems from daughter

What You’ve Given Me

What is a father’s love?
A warm hello, a helping hand?
Is it a gentle scolding when you’re bad?
Staying up all night doing homework?
Waiting up for her till she comes home from a date?
Walking her down the aisle on her wedding day?
A father’s love is all this and more.
And that is what you have given to me.

dad poems from daughter

dad poems from daughter


You held my hand when I was sick
And stayed up till I got home.
You taught me how to ride my bike
And helped when I broke a bone.
You helped me get my license
White-knuckled in the seat.
You demanded boys come inside
And every date to meet.
And though I never thanked you
I want you to know I’m glad
That all those times you scolded me
I was happy you are my dad.

dad poems from daughter

dad poems from daughter

My Hero

A firm but loving touch
is what you gave to me.
You helped me learn to be strong
and stand on my two feet.
But when I needed you
You were there all of the time.
You are my dad, my hero,
And you’re the apple of my eye.

Thank You

Dad, I can’t tell you what your love has meant
as you helped me through my life.
You helped me with my math and lessons
And you helped me learn to drive.
Today is the day that I applaud you
And fondly express how I feel.
Thank you so much for what you did
And for all that you continue to do.


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