Father’s Day Song for Church – Worship Songs for Fathers Day

Father’s Day Song for Church

Every year, on the 3rd Sunday in June, we honor our earthly dads through celebrating Father’s Day. First celebrated in July of 1908 at a neighborhood church, the day was a memorial tribute to the 362 guys who had died in an explosion at the Fairmont Coal Company mines in Monongah, West Virginia the preceding December. One year later, Sonora Smart Dodd, a Spokane, Washington female who had been raised by her widowed father, began a marketing campaign with area church buildings and government officials to set aside a day to honor dads. The country of Washington celebrated the nation’s first statewide Father’s Day on July 19, 1910. It took any other 62 years for the day to emerge as a countrywide excursion within the U.S. Seventy-two international locations global have fun dad’s on June 3rd Sunday with fifty-three other nations celebrating the day at other instances of the year. While God is our Heavenly Father, He has given us earthly dads to like, cherish, defend and educate us. These Father’s Day Song for Church help to mention “Thank You” for those gifts.

father's day song for church

father’s day songs for church

As we come together for Father’s Day, there is an incredible opportunity to reaffirm our courting with God as Father, and encourage the guys amongst us to embrace their personal identity with God as their Father and closing function model.

As Father, God is our leader, protector, healer and the remaining source of our salvation. He is kind, generous, compassionate, merciful, and loving. God has a most effective Son in Jesus Christ. Through adoption, we had been invited into this circle of relatives, with a terrific inheritance to look ahead to. Worshiping God has Father is relatively intimate. He is Abba Father. He knows us, as most effective a father is aware of his child. His best pleasure is to look us thrive beneath the purpose and calling that he has set out for us. To help you carry those truths to lifestyles on Father’s Day, here is a listing of Father’s Day Song for Church that in particular address God as Father, and mirror this nature.

Beautiful Father’s Day Song for Church

Here is some stunning Father’s Day Song for Church for thanking your heavenly Father. Keep Enjoying.

1. “My Father Was/Is” – Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ

From Fred Hammond’s Gold-licensed “Purpose By Design”, “My Father Was/Is” is a tale of our fathers — both our heavenly and our earthly ones.
Though our dads right here aren’t constantly best, and now and again now not even right here, our heavenly father is constantly with us.

Some heart-warming lyric:
When had adolescent years come who helped me understand?
And when the winning point was scored who in victory raised my hand?
And when I hung my head in shame who was there to lift it up?
Yes my Father was


2. “Faithful Father” – Twila Paris

Since 1980, Twila Paris has been one of CCM’s maximum liked woman vocalists as is evidenced by means of her being named the Dove Female Vocalist of the Year three years in a row.
Her track, “Faithful Father,” in no way had the popularity that “Faithful Friend” (with Steven Curtis Chapman) did, but it is simply as lovely though.

Some heart-warming lyric:
All my life
You have been a faithful Father
I believe Your word is true
You have been a faithful Father
I will follow you


3. “Father” – Jadon Lavik

Jadon first released “Father” on the 2006 album, “Life On The Inside”. He re-recorded the song on his 2009 release, “The Road Acoustic”.

Some heart-warming lyric:
You’ve given far beyond my need so I give
My deepest thanks to you for all I’ve watched you do
And for the things that I am yet to see
Still, I’m confident to wait patiently


4. “Father’s Eyes” – Amy Grant

Originally launched in 1979 on “My Father’s Eyes”, the candy voice of the (then) 19-year-antique Amy Grant touched hearts all around the globe.

Some heart-warming lyric:
She’s got her Father’s eyes, her Father’s eyes
Eyes that find the good in things
When good is not around
Eyes that find the source of help
When help just can’t be found


5. “Just The Way I Am” – Big Daddy Weave

Not a tune was explicitly written for dad, this tune remains ideal for his unique day due to the fact the lyrics describe just how an awesome father genuinely is.

Some heart-warming lyric:
Ever patiently accepting me
You love in spite of everything I do
But, oh, so faithfully you’re committed To the process that makes me like You



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