Fathers Day Songs YouTube-Songs For Happy Fathers Day

Fathers Day Songs Youtube

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Fathers day is a special day.here are some of the Fathers day songs youtube…

1.“Papa Was a Rolling Stone” by the Temptations

 While the difficulty count is no easy listening—Momma ducks and dodges her kid’s nagging questions about their drunken, stealin’ and cheatin’ overdue father—this song became the final of those Motown icons’ four chart-topping hits at the Billboard Hot a hundred. Momma tries to whitewash Papa’s real colorations in one of the most famous soul choruses ever—”Papa became a rolling stone, (my son) / Where ever he laid his hat turned into his domestic.” While rumor has it that Temptation Dennis Edwards’s father did coincidentally die at the 0.33 of September (now not actual, it became October), the singer should rerecord his components oftentimes which will achieve that grizzly vocal grumble that makes this dark daddy anthem a Motown conventional.

2.Father’s Day Song

Father’s day is when we take an opportunity to thank that special person who is loving, caring and giving.

3.Happy Father’s Day – Special Song for Children (2016) – i love you daddy – By Army

This video by wish you happy father’s day i love you daddy, this Special Song for Children 2016.

4.Father’s Day Song / Birthday Song: For Dad

When I make a Mother’s Day song or Father’s Day song, I always get a lot of requests to make a version for the other parent, since everyone’s family circumstances are different.

Best Fathers Day Songs Youtube

Some of the fathers day songs youtube are as follows…

5.CHILDRENS FATHER DAY SONG! | SONG ABOUT DADS! | ‘My Daddy is so Big and Strong’ by Dj Kids

Every child believes their dad is a superhero; He’s super strong, super fast, and ALWAYS there to help! We can always rely on our dads! A song very suitable for fathers day!

6.My Dad (Father’s Day Song) | Family Sing-Along – Muffin Songs

There are some pretty great dads in this world and one of them is mine I know no Dad is perfect but he’s pretty darn close a lot of the time He lets me pop the popcorn when we watch a vid I’m glad he’s my dad. And I’m glad I’m his kid My Dad. I really love him. My Dad. Sometimes I bug him. My Dad. It’s nice to hug him When I’m sad. My Dad. Everybody tells me that he’s a heck of a guy. Sure sometimes he’s a little bit grumpy. Sure sometimes I’m the reason why When we play hide and seek. Somehow he always knows where I hid. I’m glad he’s my dad. And I’m glad I’m his kid.

7. Father’s Day Song Lyrics – Daddy Let Me Say

I only make the edition, Annie is the artist. She’s a great singer. Please check it in her video “Father’s Day Song”
8.Father’s Day Song for Children – Wheels on the Bus – Instrumental version available

Sockhead Smith and Freddy Shoehorn thought that it would be a wonderful idea to make a song that thanks fathers for their hard work and loyalty to us kids. Originally written for a Sockhead Smith online video, “Father’s Day (Thank You)” pays tribute to our great fathers! Kindergarten kids, as well as kids of all ages, are encouraged to follow the hand motions of Sockhead and Freddy on youtube and sing along to the Father’s Day song.

9.” Through The Eyes Of My Father” with Lyrics – A Father’s Day Song – Brianna Haynes

This original song performed by pop recording artist Brianna Haynes is heard here with lyrics to the song and a series of pictures. Written by her and her brother Austin Haynes as a dedication to their father and produced by Sergio Ponzo, the song compares the love of our Earthly Father with our Heavenly Father. Brianna Haynes also has a debut pop album self- titled “Brianna Haynes” as well as a special Thanksgiving song called “Thank You” & Christmas song called “Christmas All Year Long” available for purchase.

10.Thank you for being my Dad (Song for Dad)

 A son rarely tells his Father How he really feels, A handshake or a pat on the back Is all that he reveals, I’d like to right that wrong, Here in this little song. Thank you for shaping my life, Thank you for teaching me all you can, You are no ordinary man, You make me everything I am. Thank you for taking the time, Thank you for showing me the way, And thank you for being there when I need you, Thank you for every single day. Now I’ve been blessed with a son of my own, Got my own bedtime stories to tell, If I can raise him half as well as you raised me, Guess I’ll be doing pretty well. Thank you for your guiding hand, Thank you for making my dreams come true, You’re an extraordinary man, And I hope you’re as proud of me As I am proud of you. Thank you for giving me life, Thank you for showing me good from bad.I guess I’m only really trying to say, Thank you for being my Dad. Even though the years drift away, I never took the time just to say, ‘I love you, and I always have And thank you for being my Dad.’ ‘Thank you for being my Dad.’

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