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Like it or now notsong taste is one of these matters, like the last name or double-jointed thumbs, that’s handed down from generation to technology. Even in the case, you didn’t select up dad’s flavor for U.okay. indie-rock bands or mother’s love for hair-metallic ‘80s songs (or something greater literal, like their vintage information), there’s an excellent chance your possibilities are related to the ones of your parents come what may. So like our excellent father’s Day songs, we’ve rounded up the 12 excellent Father’s Day songs, from Jay-Z to John Lennon, to bond along with your pops over.

Father's Day Songs

Father’s Day Songs

With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to think of the man that stood tall in your life from day one. Of course, not all us are so lucky to have had ones. So from Jay Z and Stevie Wonder showing love to their newborn daughters to Tupac Shakur giving his pops the finger and Madonna cursing hers as well, here are some daddy-related cuts to let ring this Sunday.


Madonna, “Papa Don’t Preach”

Within the pop stars’ iconic track, Madonna tells her father approximately her pregnancy and even though it is likely not what one would want to listen to Father’s Day songs from their young daughter, the defiant music is a highlight on Madonna’s 1986 album “True Blue.” singing “What I want proper now is a few suitable recommendations,” she reaches out to her dad for steering. Madonna’s single become No. 1 on the new one hundred for 2 weeks in 1986.


The Game, “Like Father, Like Son”

Remaining out the game‘s debut album, this emotional tune chronicles the delivery of the Compton rapper’s son. Busta Rhymes sings the sentimental chorus: “however, in the end, I am hoping you most effective turn out higher than me/ I hope you already know I love you young, like father, like son.”


The Temptations, “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”

From the 1972 album “All guidelines,” this classic single is about an absent father. They sing, “Papa turned into a rollin’ stone /anyplace he laid his head was his domestic / And while he died, all he left us to become alone.” It was a No. 1 hot 100unmarried in 1972.

Video Father’s Day Songs


1“Father and Daughter” by Paul Simon

It’s essentially a rule that each one dad love Paul Simon. And there may be no higher Father’s Day music than this one, where he sings, “as long as one and one is /There ought to in no way be a father love his daughter more than I like you.” Awwww.

2“Daughters” by John Mayer


In this sweet, soulful music from John Mayer, he sings about how important a father’s impact is on his daughter as she grows up and starts off evolved to build her personal existence. “Fathers, be right to your daughters/Daughters will love like you do,” he sings.

Best Father’s Day songs

“Glory” by Jay-Z

wherein American Gangster Jay-Z formally turns into American Dad. Shawn Carter released this heartfelt track two days after the birth of his daughter with Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, remaining in September. Lyrically, it’s far as open, inclined and loving a tribute to a brand new infant as you can desire to pay attention, with Carter reflecting on the ache of “false alarms and false starts off evolved,” and then finding salvation of sorts: “The most amazing feeling I experience / phrases cannot describe what I am feeling for real / perhaps I paint the sky blue / My best introduction became you. You. Glory.” From road hustler to urban hero to President-endorsed hitmaker—to daddy. Glory, indeed.


“Father and Son” by Cat Stevens

Let’s face it—most heated exchanges between fathers and their coming-of-age sons are not as poetic as this 1970 Cat Stevens tearjerker. (rather, debates usually result in doors slamming or “you do not get me” shouts.) This somber folk favorite is an idealized model of the conflict each father faces while his little bird desires to leave the nest. Stevens sings, “I was as soon as you are now, and that I understand that it is no longer clean.” Sounds familiar, eh? we’ve got all heard our dads say those words and then speedy rolled our eyes, however this Father’s Day, try your fine to soak them in. parents know an issueor from revel in, we promise.


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